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Bleeding gums is an underlying sign of gum disease. Accumulation of tartar onto your teeth can cause your gums to swell up and lead to bleeding. A professionally done deep cleaning of teeth by your dentist will help in removal of tartar and plaque and make your gums healthy which will in turn stop the bleeding.

Bad breath may be caused by food being stuck in your teeth, decayed teeth, tartar and plaque around your teeth, intake of certain medicines or may be due to some underlying medical condition. You should practice good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing twice a day. Rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash twice a day.
Regular visit to your dentist will help him examine all your teeth and gums to determine the underlying cause and advise you accordingly.

There may be a lot of reasons for the pain in your child’s gums. Some of them being a decayed tooth causing swelling in the gums, a gum infection or any form of trauma. You should consult your dentist for a check up to find out the exact cause and treatment options.

The best treatment option for a hurting wisdom tooth is to get it removed. It can be done in a pain free manner under local anesthesia or under IV sedation.

No, removal of your wisdom tooth or any other tooth will not affect your eyesight in any form.

Brownish discoloration of the teeth may be due to early decay, may have a genetic factor and could be inherited, due to some form of trauma to the teeth or due to excess fluoride in your child’s diet. As soon as you notice the brown discoloration you should consult your paedodontist for your child’s check up to know the exact cause and remedy.

There are many causes for grinding your teeth at night. A detailed examination of your teeth, TMJ joint, sleep study and an E-N-T examination along with certain X-Ray will help your dentist to determine the cause of your grinding. Subsequently a jaw muscle deprogrammer may be given to you to be used at nighttime while sleeping and you will be kept under recall to see the progression of your grinding.

You can take a pain killer that you usually take and that works for you and if you are taking any other you need to take advise with your physician to avoid any possible allergic reaction. On emergency basis reach your dentist as soon as possible.

Age of the child is an important aspect in this case. During the age of 6-7 years the upper front permanent teeth erupt in most probability. Treatments vary according to the age of the child. Clean the tooth with tap water and carry it in milk or tap water to the dentist as soon as possible as the time between the teeth falling out and the dentists visit will determine whether it can be re-implanted and saved for the future years.

The age of child is important to determine whether it is a milk teeth or permanent teeth. Permanent front teeth usually erupt during the age of 6-7 years. Carry the broken part of tooth if any in milk or tap water to dentist as soon as possible so that the treatment can be carried out.

It is very important to know in which trimester are you. 2nd trimester is considered safe for carrying out dental procedure. If you are in 1st or 3rd trimester keep the procedures to bear minimum as possible to relieve your pain and discomfort.

It is prudent to get a routine checkup done. So that the dentist can evaluate if any procedure is to be carried out such as scaling, fillings and you don’t experience any discomfort during your pregnancy

You have both fixed and removable options for replacement of a missing tooth. Dental implants and dental bridges are the most commonly advocated fixed options for replacement of teeth whereas a RPD or gum stripper is a removable option . Your dentist will help you decide the best option after a thorough examination and some dental x rays.


Smile design is a dental cosmetic procedure where the shape, size, color, chipped and worn-down teeth are sculpted to get a more pleasant smile. It can be done in single sitting for some cases whereas some require multiple sitting.

Smile design is a dental cosmetic procedure wherein the size, shape, color, worn-down, chipped teeth are sculpted to achieve a more pleasant smile. Some individuals are candidates for single sitting smile design whereas some need multiple visits. To evaluate if your case is single sitting you need to consult your dentist so that analysis can be carried out whether you are single sitting case.

Root canal is a procedure which is carried out when there is deep caries involving the pulp. It involves administration of local anesthesia which makes it pain free. But sometimes due to deep infection the effect of anesthesia decreases, and patient may feel slight discomfort.

Implants are being used in dentistry for the replacement of missing teeth for the past 60 years. When done by highly skilled and qualified professionals, dental implant placement is safe with an average success rate of about 98 %.

Invisalign or the invisible braces are used for straightening one’s teeth. The advantages of using Invisalign are that they are esthetically more acceptable by the patient in contrast to the traditional metal brackets and wires. They are more comfortable and can be removed by the patient at any time. There are no dietary restrictions and oral hygiene maintenance is also better. They can be used for minor corrections of your teeth.

There is no age limit to get braces to correct misaligned teeth if your gums and bone are healthy.

With the advent of newer tooth colored materials in dentistry silver fillings are no longer preferred for filling a tooth. These fillings do not bond with the tooth, leading to gaps developing between your tooth and the filling material which may cause further decay. Hence tooth colored fillings are the recommended fillings for your teeth

Teeth cleanup removes the tartar deposits on your teeth and helps the gums heath. However, bleaching is the procedure done to achieve 2-4 shades lighter than your original tooth color.

Bleaching is the procedure carried out to whiten your teeth. With this you can achieve 2-4 shades lighter teeth shade. It can be done at office or in home. With advanced technology used for bleaching it is safe produce.


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With advanced digital X-Ray the radiation of dental x-rays has become very less. And protection with the lead jacket during the time of taking x-rays further minimizes the radiation that you can get exposed to.

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